Decatur Recreation Center

Decatur Rec Center

As an iconic landmark in the heart of the City of Decatur, the Decatur Recreation Center holds a special place in the hearts of residents and visitors alike. Steeped in history and bustling with activities, it stands as a beacon of community connection and vitality. The original structure of the Decatur Recreation Center, built in 1958, has stood the test of time, witnessing the transformation and growth of our beloved city. Affectionately referred to as the "Rec", it has been a cherished gathering place for generations, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

From its early days as the home of the Decatur High Bulldogs basketball team to its ever-evolving schedule of events, the Decatur Recreation Center has played host to a wide range of activities that have enriched the lives of our community members. From cooking classes to yoga sessions, dance classes to joyous weddings, the Rec has always been a vibrant hub of engagement and celebration.

While the Decatur Recreation Center has a rich past, it also looks toward the future with a commitment to fostering a sense of community, connection, and vitality. We strive to honor the center's heritage while continuously adapting to the evolving needs and interests of our community members. We invite you to explore all that the Decatur Recreation Center has to offer. From sports and fitness activities to cultural events and celebrations, the Rec is a place where memories are made and cherished.

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