Decatur Parks & Recreation Board

DPRD Board 24

Regularly Scheduled Meetings
First Tuesday of every month, 8 a.m. at Legacy Park.

Board Members 

  1. Jack Kittle - Chair (not pictured)
  2. Terria Cummings
  3. Joel Furfari
  4. Abbey Griffith
  5. Shelly Head 
  6. Deanna Jue Sutandi
  7. Casimira Pittman
  8. Charlie Slater (not pictured)

Staff Liaison

Greg White, DPRD Director 

About the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
Decatur Parks & Recreation Advisory Board members are appointed by the Decatur City Commission to serve as advocates and advisors to the Parks & Recreation department on projects and programs that help citizens safely incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. 

Responsibilities include:

  1. Assisting city staff with public education and outreach activities that promote physical activity and healthy eating habits
  2. Supporting wellness and health promotion in workplaces, schools, and other institutions
  3. Assisting city staff with outreach to specific user groups, such as seniors, teens, the physically disabled and diverse populations to encourage an active lifestyle
  4. Providing recommendations on creating a citywide bicycle ridership campaign and a citywide walking campaign
  5. Assisting with implementation of the Safe Routes to School program
  6. The board supports the city’s ongoing efforts to improve sidewalks and intersections, calm traffic and expand the network of bike paths and walking trails. It seeks to educate residents about obesity and lifestyle issues and implement programs designed to change behavior and encourage healthier habits. The board welcomes ideas to help make Decatur a model healthy community.

Parks & Recreation Board Subcommittee:
Pedestrian Advisory Committee - meets at 9 a.m. the 4th Thursday of the month at Legacy Park.