UDO Administrator

The role of the UDO administrator is to administer and enforce articles 7 through 10 of the Decatur Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). Duties and responsibilities of the UDO administrator include: administrative adjustments for specific site development controls, advising the Zoning Board of Appeals, monitoring and maintaining data related to the ongoing implementation of the UDO, and appearing before the City Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Commission and other bodies on construction and site development matters.


Administrative Adjustment by the UDO Administrator

Certain administrative adjustments to the UDO requirements are permitted that do not require a variance. The UDO administrator is authorized to allow:

Compact Parking Spaces. An increase in the allowed percentage of compact car spaces up to 35%

Street Typical Sections. Modifications to new street typical sections to allow for on- or off-street bicycle facilities, wider sidewalks, or traffic calming measures. 

Driveways. Modifications to the maximum width of driveway curb cuts and minimum distance from any existing curb cut, property line, or intersection

For questions regarding UDO-related administrative adjustments, contact:

Greg Curtis

Building Official

greg.curtis [at] decaturga.com



Appeal Process

Administrative adjustments granted or other applicable written decisions by the UDO administrator may be appealed to the Decatur Zoning Board of Appeals within ten calendar days after the date of issuance by filing a written notice specifying the grounds of the appeal with the zoning administrator.