Environmental Sustainability Board

Important Meeting Information: 

The Environmental Sustainability Board has resumed in-person meetings on the fourth Monday of each month from 4-6 p.m. at the Decatur Rec Center. Check this page and/or the City Calendar for future updates and meeting locations. 

Youth Membership Application: 

The Environmental Sustainability Board is looking to add two youth members for the 2023-2024 school year! Interested high-school aged students should fill out the Statement of Interest Form found in the Supporting Documents section of this page and submit to the City Manager, Andrea Arnold at andrea.arnold [at] decaturga.com (subject: ESB%20Youth%20Member%20Interest%20Form) . The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. on Friday, September 1. 


City of Decatur Public Works and the Environmental Sustainability Board have been working together to improve commingled recycling services in the city. To learn more and view the public information session hosted on December 8, 2020, click here


Board Members

Alex Stewart (chair), Annie Archbold, Mike Barcik, Andrew Hardin, Jane Lomas, Cynthia Curry, Tony Hardin, Hunter Unrue, Kristy Bible, Juno Rogers (Youth Member), Payton Sobon (Youth Member)

About the Environmental Sustainability Board

The City of Decatur Environmental Sustainability Board was established to provide recommendations to the City Commission regarding the city’s environmental regulations, plans, and initiatives as well as assisting with implementation of city projects that impact the natural environment to protect and improve the quality of life for citizens and property owners in the City of Decatur. This board assumed the duties of the Waste Management Advisory Board and the Greenspace Commission as well as fulfills the requirements for a Stormwater Management Advisory Board.

Board Responsibilities

Assist city staff with development and implementation of an environmental sustainability plan
Provide recommendations regarding implementation of the City's urban tree management plan and plan for tree bank funds
Provide recommendations in all subject areas of environmental sustainability
Assist city staff with implementation of environmental program objectives and activities
Assist city staff with environmental public education and outreach
Provide recommendations for internal program evaluation and reporting, and assist city staff in reporting to the City Commission

Please contact David Nifong at david.nifong [at] decaturga.com for more information regarding appointments to the Environmental Sustainability Board or participation on ESB-related committees.

* If you are looking for 2010 agenda or meeting materials, click here.