Blogs are one of the City of Decatur’s communication tools that offer opportunities for conversation with the community. Comments, suggestions, ideas, feedback and questions are welcome and encouraged. Some blogs offer basic information and others are designed to promote dialogue. These guidelines address what belongs in a civic forum and comment submissions are moderated based on this comment policy:

Stay on topic.

Comments and/or links to outside websites/sources should relate to the topic being discussed in the original post

Keep it clean.

Comments should not contain profanity, racial slurs or any other derogatory terms

Personal attacks are taboo.

Comments should not contain personal or defamatory remarks or attacks

Agree to disagree.

Reasonable arguments for opposing views are encouraged. A posted comment is the opinion of the poster only. Publication of the comment does not imply endorsement or agreement by the author of the blog or the City of Decatur

Campaigning belongs elsewhere.

This blog is not the place to endorse candidates or a particular stance on currently active ballot measures

This comment policy may be revised at any time. Comment submissions that repeatedly violate this policy may be prohibited. Submission of a comment constitutes acceptance of this comment policy.

If you have questions or comments about this policy, email blogpolicy [at]