Better Together Community Partners

Better Together Partners are those organizations, non-profit and civic groups, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, and neighborhood associations who are working on issues around equity, inclusion and engagement and are helping to carry out the City of Decatur Better Together Community Action Plan for Equity, Inclusion and Engagement.

The Plan contains 60 action items around six focus areas including Community Participation and Engagement, Racially-Just Community Policing, Diverse and Affordable Housing, Welcoming and Inclusive Retail Environment, Use of Public Spaces, and Low-Cost Transportation Options.

The Better Together Advisory Board also maintains a Community Asset Map with a listing of all City of Decatur non-profit and civic organizations, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, neighborhood associations including names, addresses, and contact information.  The Community Asset Map is updated regularly.

If you are part of an organization and would like to be involved in this ongoing effort, contact Renae Madison, renae.madison [at], 678-553-6561 or Linda Harris, linda.harris [at], 678-553-6512. We welcome and encourage all to be a part of the effort