Extreme Heat

Extreme Heat Safety Tips

A heat wave is an extended period of extreme heat, and is often accompanied by high humidity. These conditions can be dangerous and even life-threatening for people who do not take the proper precautions.

• Make sure your home is well insulated, including weather stripping around doors and windows.

• Cover windows that receive morning or afternoon sun with drapes, shades and awnings.

• Never leave children or pets alone in a closed vehicle.

• Avoid strenuous activity. Stay inside as much as possible.

• Drink plenty of water, even if you do not feel thirsty. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

• Eat small meals and eat more often.

• Watch for signs of heat exhaustion, including cool, moist, pale or flushed skin; heavy sweating; headache; nausea or vomiting; dizziness; and exhaustion. Body temperature will be near normal.

• If you see signs of heat exhaustion, get the person out of the heat and to a cooler place.

• Watch for signs of heat stroke, including hot, red skin; changes in consciousness; rapid, weak pulse; and rapid, shallow breathing. Body temperature can be very high. If you see signs of heat stroke, call 911 and get help fast. Move victims to cooler places and keep them lying down.

Cooling Stations

In the event a heat advisory is issued, the City may open a cooling station at the following location. Stay tuned to social media for availability.

Decatur Recreation Center - 231 Sycamore St (404-377-0494)

Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Most DeKalb County libraries and recreation centers will also be available as cooling centers during heat advisories. For a list of DeKalb County recreation centers, visit www.dekalbcountyga.gov/parks. For a list of DeKalb County libraries, visit www.dekalblibrary.org/locations.