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The Decatur Neighborhood Alliance (DNA) is an informal organization representing all neighborhood associations, condominium owners groups and block organizations that have been identified within the City of Decatur. The goal of the organization, which formed in 2000, is to to share information and encourage interaction between neighborhoods. A database of contact information for neighborhood groups is regularly updated to help improve communication within the city. The DNA group is an outgrowth of the Decatur Round Tables project. For more information call Lee Ann Harvey, 678-553-6548, or email

Representatives from Decatur neighborhood associations, block associations, condominiums, townhomes, apartments, Homeowner Associations (HOA), apartment complexes or those interested in starting a neighborhood group are invited to attend the Decatur Neighborhood Alliance meetings. You do not need to be a neighborhood board member to attend. You only need to care about your neighborhood and your neighbors. The meetings are hosted by the Lifelong Community Advisory Board’s Decatur Neighbors committee. Find out more about Decatur for a Lifetime resources and how you can become involved.

Next meeting:
Decatur Neighborhood Alliance Meeting
Tues., March 20, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.
Decatur Recreation Center
231 Sycamore St.

You are invited to join a discussion on how we can build stronger and more effective neighborhoods - bring your questions and your solutions on how to make Decatur's sense of community even better for everyone. There will also time for networking with other neighborhood representatives.

This is also a good time to start planning for National Neighborhood Day on September 16. This national celebration of neighborhoods is held annually on the third Sunday in September. Come and share ideas on ways to get to know your neighbors better – and have fun! Last year, the Decatur Heights neighborhood invited neighbors to recognize each other with a simple greeting – waving, nodding or just saying hello. Join us to create some fun awards this year. Share your ideas for awards – Best neighborhood to keep it friendly, keep it weird, or to wave to the most people.

To confirm your neighborhood’s attendance at the meeting and provide any updates to your neighborhood association’s listing that is currently posted on the Neighborhood Groups page, please contact Lee Ann Harvey at or call 678-553-6548. Please also share your ideas for future meeting topics.

Mark Your Calendar:

National Neighborhood Day: Sun., September 16, 2018 - What will your neighborhood be doing? Visit the National Neighborhood Day website for ideas.

Watch Decatur eLife's video on the March 26, 2008 Decatur Neighborhood Alliance meeting: