Street Cleaning Schedule

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Tentative Street Sweeping Schedule

With the seasons changing, leaves are falling. Please don't sweep or rake leaves into the streets because they impede drainage, and clog storm drains. Street sweeping helps to keep Decatur clean as well as preventing debris and contamination from entering our storm drains, which flow directly into local waterways.

Streets are swept once a month during the Fall/Winter Season.

This schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather conditions and or equipment maintenance.

To help us provide the best service, here are some friendly reminders:

* Removal of any vehicle or trailers parked on the street - The street sweepers often have to go around parked cars in residential areas, missing vital portions of curb/gutter and leaving unsightly debris that can reduce the flow of water into the storm drain system.

* No garbage cans, yard waste and any other in the street during sweep day – Garbage cans and yard waste cannot be placed in the street more than 24 hours before pick-up, and should be retrieved in the evening after pick-up.

* Please do not rake or blow your leaves into the street. Residents who rake leaves and other yard debris into the street make it difficult for crews to complete their appointed routes in a timely fashion. Please recycle leaves and other green waste material by placing them in compostable yard waste bags. Green waste can include yard trimmings, grass clippings, leaves, weeds, brush and tree clippings.

* Please remember that raking leaves into the street is considered illegal dumping.

We appreciate the help.

First Monday of the Month

Avery Street
Derrydown Way
Heatherdown Road
Hilldale Drive
Inman Drive
Missionary Drive
New Street
Poplar Circle
Sams Street
Shadowmoor Drive
South Columbia Drive
Talley Street
Weekes Street
Winnona Drive

First Tuesday of the Month

Bruton Street
Buchanan Terrace
Bucher Drive
Candler Oaks Lane
East Davis Street
East Hancock Street
Green Street (200 Block)
Kirk Crossing
Kirk Road
Mckinnon Drive
Midway Road
Mimosa Drive
Mimosa Place
Oldfield Road
South Candler Street (100 to 800 Block)

First Wednesday of the Month

Adam Street (100 to 700 Block)
Ansley Street
East College Avenue
Greenwood Avenue
Greenwood Place
Evans Drive
Kings Highway
South McDonough Street (100 to 700 Block)
West Davis Street
West Dougherty Street
West Hancock Street

First Thursday of the Month

Barry Street
Church Street
Champlain Street
East Howard (100 to 500) Block
East Maple Street
Erie Avenue
Geneva Street
Hillyer Place
Huron Street
Lucerne Street
Michigan Avenue
North Candler Street
Sycamore Place
Seneca Street
Superior Avenue

First Friday of the Month

Clairemont Avenue
Eastland Drive
Ferndale Drive
Medlock Road
North Decatur Road
North Superior Avenue
Parkside Circle
Pensdale Road
Scott Boulevard
Willow Lane

Second Monday of the Month

East Benson Street
East Hill Street
Jefferson Place
Mckoy Street (100 to 200 Block)
Mead Road
Oakview Road (400 to 800 Block)
Olympic Place
West Benson Street
West Hill Street

Second Tuesday of the Month

Brower Street
Candler Drive
Chevelle Lane
Driftwood Place
Driftwood Terrace
East Pharr Road
Garland Avenue
Griffin Circle
McClean Street
Park Drive
South Candler Street (900 to 1100 Block)
West Dearborn Circle

Second Wednesday of the Month

Adam Street (1000 to 1100 Block)
East Lake Drive (700 to 1000 Block)
Fayetteville Road
Lenore Street
Mckoy Street (500 to 700 Block)
Russell Street
South McDonough Street (800 to 1000 Block)
Spring Street
Sterling Street
West Pharr Road

Second Thursday of the Month

Fifth Avenue
First Avenue
Fourth Avenue
Gordon Street
Maxwell Street
North Fourth Avenue
Northern Street
Oakview Road (700 to 1600 Block)
Second Avenue
Third Avenue

Second Friday of the Month

Clarion Avenue
Coventry Road (100 to 200 block)
East Parkwood Avenue
Fairfield Avenue
Nelson Ferry
Paden Circle
Parkwood Lane
Pinetree Drive
Upland Road
West Ponce de Leon Avenue
Woodlawn Avenue

Third Monday of the Month

Adair Street
Atlanta Avenue
Chief Matthews Drive
Devonshire Avenue
Drexel Avenue
Emerson Avenue
Greenwood Circle
Hampshire Avenue
Hibernia Avenue
Lansdowne Avenue
Melrose Avenue
Pattillo Way
Ridley Lane
West Howard Avenue

Third Tuesday of the Month

Beaty Place
Bryan Place
Cambridge Avenue
East Lake Drive (100 to 600 block)
Feld Avenue
Hood Circle
Johnston Place
Leyden Street
Madison Avenue
Park Place
Winter Avenue

Third Wednesday of the Month

East Ponce De Leon Avenue
Grove Street
Hillcrest Avenue
Mountain View Street
North Arcadia Avenue
Oak Lane
Ponce De Leon Court
Springdale Street
Sycamore Street
Sycamore Place

Third Thursday of the Month

Fairview Street
Forkner Drive
Glendale Avenue
Glenn Circle
Glenn Court
Grove Street
Hickory Street
Lockwood Terrace
Mount Vernon Drive
Old Decatur Circle
Pinecrest Avenue
Poplar Street
Ridgeland Avenue
Sycamore Drive

Third Friday of the Month

Beaumont Avenue
Fairview Avenue
Garden Lane
Lamont Drive
Montgomery Street
Northern Avenue
Plainview Street
Ponce De Leon Place
Vidal Boulevard
Wilton Drive

Fourth Monday of the Month

Chelsea Drive
Coventry Road (300 to 700 block)
Dogwood Way
Harold Byrd Drive
Harold Byrd Drive South
Kathryn Avenue
Maediris Drive
Merrill Avenue
Mockingbird Lane
North Parkwood Road
Pope Circle
Ridley Circle
Westchester Drive