Speed Limit Study and Proposal

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At the request of a number of residents, the City of Decatur, GA has conducted a review of speed limits and several other traffic related issues within the jurisdiction. Based on this research and adopted policies, a comprehensive, City-wide update for speed limits is being proposed to improve consistency and to improve conditions to support the community’s vision of Decatur as a safe, walkable and bike-friendly place for all ages. Revising speed limits at a comprehensive community level provides the opportunity to create a consistent policy for areas of similar land use and character.

This proposal is, in large part, inspired by the Georgia Department of Transportation’s adoption of a Complete Streets Policy in 2012. This policy requires the Department to “routinely incorporate bicycle, pedestrian, and transit (user and transit vehicle) accommodations into transportation infrastructure projects as a means for improving mobility, access, and safety for the traveling public.” This mirrors the Complete Streets policy adopted by the City as part of the Decatur Community Transportation Plan (CTP) enacted in 2008, which was the first transportation plan in the United States to incorporate a Health Impact Assessment.

Public Input Session
A public input session was held on August 14th, from 6pm-7:30pm at Decatur City Hall.  Attendees were able to view the current and proposed speed limits as well as the supporting research.  Several question were posted to allow opportunities for feedback. 

> Click here to view a summary of the information presented at this session.


Why is Decatur a unique location for this project?

  • A population density of over 4,500 residents per square mile.
  • Award winning Safe Routes to School program.
  • A thriving downtown business district with over 200 retail and restaurant locations.
  • 3 MARTA rail stations within the jurisdiction.
  • Diligent traffic enforcement, which was expanded in 2009 to included dedicated traffic patrol.
  • A property tax base comprised of 85% residential property.
  • Popular events that attract thousands of attendees each year. 
  • A 10-year sidewalk improvement campaign.
  • Bronze level Bike Friendly Community status and Silver level Walk Friendly Community status.
  • Significant interest among residents in issues related to traffic calming.

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Click here to view a summary of the information presented at the public input session on 8/14/13.

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