Yard Waste Collection

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We encourage residents to compost yard debris on-site to the maximum extent possible.  Composting yard debris adds nutrients back into soil, lessening the need for fertilizers.  For guidance on how to properly compost at home, check out the University of Georgia Extension website here


Regulations for yard waste placed on the curb:

  • Yard trimmings shall be placed in a container no larger than 32-gallons, or single-use yard waste bag.
  • Sticks, hedge clippings and small brush can be gathered into bundles and tied securely so that each bundle does not exceed 4 feet in length nor weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • Be sure that yard trimming and containers don't extend into the street or obstruct the sidewalk.


Special Pick Up:

  • For a fee, tree branches and heavy brush which will not fit into containers can be cut in lengths not exceeding 4 feet and stacked in a compact pile on the curb. 
  • Contact Decatur Public Works to schedule a pick up.  404-377-5571


> See the Solid Waste Collection Schedule for details on collection times and holiday pick ups.



Reminder: Keep Leaves and Grass Clippings Out of the Street

Please do not rake or blow your leaves or grass clippings into the street. Leaves and other yard debris which is raked or blown into the street can clog the storm drains and cause property damage. Please recycle leaves and other green waste material by placing them in compostable yard waste bags. Green waste can include yard trimmings, grass clippings, leaves, weeds, brush and tree clippings.