Decatur Police Demographics

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The City of Decatur Police Department strives to recruit and hire the very best candidates to serve as police officers in our community. We are not simply looking for a person that can pass the academy with the basic skills to enforce the law, fight, drive and shoot. Although those skills are certainly needed as a police officer, we spend a great deal of time vetting applicants to make certain we are hiring the right people for our department, socially engaged, emotionally healthy, empathetic, approachable officers with a motivation to serve for the right reasons. We are seeking “Community Relations Officers Who Enforce the Law”, officers who are invested in the community they are serving.  The officers must embody our Core Values of Approachability, Integrity, Adaptability, Collaboration and Empathy.

We also seek to recruit and hire officers from diverse demographics and backgrounds to represent the community we serve.

Decatur Police Department Officer Demographics

Decatur Police*




Male: 78%

Female: 22%


White: 64%

POC: 36%

Leadership Positions**

White: 71%

POC: 29%

                   *Demographics as of November 2018

                   **Leadership positions include supervisors & field training officers






Male: 87%

Female: 13%


White: 79%

POC: 21%

                                    *2016 from Data USA site