Citizens Assisting Public Safety (CAPS)

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The inclusion of citizen volunteers greatly assists the Police Department in serving the citizens of Decatur and furthers the partnership between the Police Department and its residents. Volunteers serve as additional “eyes and ears” in the community, enhancing the safety and quality of life in the City.

The CAPS members participate in programs in the community. CAPS members continue to serve in a variety of roles, including:

• Special Events – During special events the duties of CAPS members are focused on public safety functions. These duties might include the staffing of the Mobile Incident Command (MIC) unit, patrolling the event site and reporting hazards or suspicious activity, staffing crime prevention booths, operating barricades and controlling the flow of traffic through closed roadways, providing directions to motorists, etc.
• Business District Patrol – CAPS members also provide a presence on the downtown square, Oakhurst business district, and other commercial districts in Decatur. This greatly increases the visible public safety presence and creates an atmosphere of increased security when viewed along with the assigned business district Police Officer.
• Exam Proctoring – CAPS member have been asked to assist with proctoring promotion or proficiency exams or exercises.
• Role Play – CAPS member take part in role playing exercises that are part of officer training.
• Disaster Response – In case of a major weather or other event in the City, CAPS members may be called upon to assist with traffic control or provide other assistance to Police and/or Fire/Rescue personnel. CERT trained members might provide an additional level of support.

For more information about the program contact Lt. Jennifer Ross at or 678-553-6613.