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Effective January 1, 2011, Georgia’s energy code is the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) with Georgia State Supplements and Amendments. The following are resources related to components of Georgia’s new energy code.


Demonstrating Compliance

Compliance Certificate
The compliance certificate is an important requirement in the Georgia Energy Code for new and renovated homes. This certificate can be filled in electronically using a PDF reader. A sample compliance certificate and a factsheet describing each item on the compliance certificate are available online.

> Download a fillable PDF version of the Georgia Residential Energy Code Compliance Certificate

The Department of Energy has created a Georgia-specific version of REScheck to simplify and clarify code compliance. While many contractors choose to follow the code requirements, this software can be used to show compliance with the trade-off approach by automating trade-off calculations.  If you want to do simple trade-offs within the building envelope (e.g., install less ceiling insulation but with better windows) and show energy code compliance, choose Georgia 2011 from the "Code" pull-down menu and UA Trade-off from the Options/Compliance Method pull-down menu.


Other Resources

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Georgia Residential Energy Code Field Guide

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Blower Door Testing Video

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Duct Leakage Testing Video

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Georgia Energy Code Fact Sheet
This two-page fact sheet, developed by Southface, gives a general overview of the requirements in the Georgia energy code.


Georgia Energy Code FAQs
This frequently asked questions document was created for the City of Decatur by Southface.


Georgia Energy Code Resources and Links
This document was created for the City of Decatur by Southface.  It contains dozens of useful resources to learn more about the energy code.


Blower Door and Duct Blaster Testing Factsheet
This two-page fact sheet, developed by Southface, gives information on how to test a home properly to determine if it meets energy code requirements.


Georgia Residential Energy Code Field Guide

Residential Energy Code Field Guide