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Energy Efficient House thumbnailThinking About Updating or Renovating Your Home?

You'll benefit from ensuring you and your contractor  know about home energy efficiency and the new Georgia energy code!

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What is a Building Energy Code?

Energy codes are legal requirements that govern building construction, protecting individuals from substandard living and working conditions.  They can lower a building's operating costs, while also making it healthier and more comfortable for occupants.  In Georgia, the current residential code includes the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code, augmented with the Georgia State Supplements and Amendments.  Click HERE to view the Georgia amendments to the code.


Why Are Building Energy Codes Important?

  • Buildings energy codes save consumers money.  A home that doesn't meet code standards results in wasted energy and high operating costs.  Efficient buildings use less energy, putting that money back into a building owner's pocket.
  • Building codes result in healthier, more comfortable buildings. Energy codes reduce the amount of outside air that enters the home, so that occupants breathe healthier air with appropriate levels of humidity.  This keeps them comfortable year round, results in high rates of satisfaction.  In addition, because code-built homes are more comfortable, builders typically receive fewer callbacks, which increases the home's value.
  • Energy codes boost the local economy.  The money that consumers save on their homes' operating costs can be spend on other goods and services in the local economy.  Similarly, workspaces can reinvest this money to support other areas of need.
  • Energy codes reduce our dependence on foreign energy.  Buildings consume 40% of the energy used in the U.S. Because energy codes improve the efficiency of our building stock, they reduce the amount of energy that must be imported to meet domestic demand. 

Are You a Contractor Seeking More Information?
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