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Variances allow minor deviations from zoning requirements that regulate how a property may be developed, but only when unique circumstances affecting that particular property are demonstrated. Requests for a variance from the Unified Development Ordinance must be approved by the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). Variance requests presented before the ZBA include:

  • Building height maximum
  • Front, side, or rear yard setbacks
  • Minimum stream buffer requirements
  • Parking requirements 

To request a variance, contact the Unified Development Ordinance Administrator for a pre-application conference and complete the variance application.


Special Exceptions

Special exceptions are similar to variances, but are associated with the C-2 zoning district, MU zoning district, and the special pedestrian area overlay district. Requests for a special exception from the Unified Development Ordinance must be heard before the Planning Commission and City Commission. Common special exceptions include:

  • Minimum off-street parking requirements for dwellings in the C-2 zoning district
  • Required landscaped buffer areas between commercial and residential zoning districts
  • Special pedestrian area requirements