Wellness Program

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Live Your Best Wellness Program 2016-2017:

Objectives: To provide guidance in the areas of nutrition, disease management, stress management, fitness, injury prevention and financial management. To provide employee morale, job satisfaction, financial stability, productivity, and employee health risk profiles. To provide flexible wellness activities and increase voluntary participation in the City’s worksite wellness program offerings.


Goals: To increase employee awareness about the value of staying physically, emotionally, mentally and financially well; to increase employee engagement and participation in living healthier lifestyles; reduce the negative effects of stress and high risk health issues; and control rising health care costs while providing a fair total compensation package.

Participation in the City of Decatur Wellness Program is confidential and voluntary.


  • Health Risk Assessment & Biometric Screening:
    • A wellness discount will be awarded annually four participation in Health Risk Assessment & Biometric Screening
    • The City has partnered with Corporate Health Partners to provide an online HRA option for each participating employee. Screening results will be uploading into your personal and confidential portal for your complete HRA. A composite report will be provided to the City of Decatur Benefits Coordinator to upload into the payroll system.
    • The City has opted to provide the 2016-17 biometric screenings through Corporate Health Partners to determine each employee’s Blood Pressure, Body Fat Composition, Blood Glucose and Cholesterol.


  • Worksite Wellness Program:
    • Employees may receive a wellness discount on insurance premiums for participation in the programs


  • Healthy Credit Options:
    • Attending Lunch n’ Learns
    • Attending Healthy Breaks
    • Participating in Health Challenges
    • Annual Flu Shot
    • Annual Physical
    • Eye exam
    • Dental exam
    • Run any Road Race
    • Mammogram
    • Colonoscopy
    • Food Journal
    • Exercise Journal
    • Approved Health Education
    • Any organized exercise event
    • Additional activities will be considered