Acquired Structure Program

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Decatur has created a program to provide an opportunity to use acquired structures within our city for training. This program affords our staff the opportunity to participate in “real life” training scenarios while also allowing the department to build and maintain a strong working relationship with the local community and business partners.

An acquired structure is a property offered to the fire and police department by the owners allowing the opportunity for training use. The owners are performing/providing a valuable service to their community.

By actively training in the community we serve, residents and business partners are able to witness the competence and capabilities of our personnel as they train and prepare to work in potentially dangerous and hostile environments. Neighbors and visitors can observe the care and diligence the department takes when providing exceptional service.

Please note that no live burns will be conducted in these structures.

How the structures are used for training

  • Search and rescue techniques
  • Firefighter rescue drills
  • Fire hose advancement
  • Orientation exercise with nontoxic smoke (party smoke) may be used to simulate smoke conditions with limited to zero visibility
  • Roof ventilation
  • Force entry of doors and windows
  • Breaching of walls and floors to enhance rescue skills for trapped occupants or firefighters
  • Interior wall and ceiling removal
  • Scenario-based skills and drills on what could happen during a fire
  • Clearing of structure, looking for occupants

Each property acquired will have the asbestos abated, utilities disconnected, and inspected by the a certified Fire Inspector prior to use.

> Documentation needed to allow training on property