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Firefighter Training

All firefighters in Decatur's Fire Department are certified by the Georgia Fire Fighter Standards and Training Council. All new personnel attend the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, Georgia, for training and certification. Decatur firefighters receive an average of 309 hours of annual training in many related fields.


 Engine two on the driving course  Laying out the hose from Engine 3

Engine two maneuvering through the driving course.


 Laying out the hose from Engine 3. Note the large 5 in. hose that provides the maximum volume of water from a fire hydrant.
 Firefighters wearing protective gear  Firefighter on ladder
Firefighters, wearing full protective gear and self contained breathing apparatus, get ready for ladder training and hose advancement.  

 Firefighters advancing hose lines up a ground ladder on the training tower at Station One.

New Equipment

 Ladder Truck  Operating the ladder truck
 Delivery day at Fire Station One for new Sutphen ladder truck.
 The equipment manufacturer provides training and operating instructions for the new vehicle.
 Captain Brown on the ladder  Ladder truck at Station One
 Captain Brown views the city during his climb to the top of the new ladder truck.  More ladder truck training at Station One.

Operations Level Hazardous Material Training

 Hazmat training  Hazmat training
 Hazardous materials training at Station One with Level A Hazmat suits and self-contained breathing apparatus units (SCBAs).  Hazardous materials decontamination training at Station One.