Our Mission, Vision, and Values

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Mission Statement

Decatur Fire Rescue is committed to providing the highest level of care through emergency response and community services that make the City of Decatur experience safe and pleasant for all.


Vision Statement

Decatur Fire Rescue is a dynamic and innovative Department on the forefront of creativity and exceptional service.


Departmental Core Values

Integrity- The characteristic that ensures a person is always honest, truthful, and fair in their dealing with others. One displays integrity by having the courage to do and say that which is right and true even when it may not be beneficial to them.

Compassion- The City of Decatur Personnel are to share a level of compassion and empathy for the diversity of our community, as well as their fellow firefighters.

Leadership- Stating goals clearly. Being innovative. The inspirational person that practices what they preach and leads by example.  Dedicated and committed to the organization with an "all in" attitude.  Displaying a strong, positive work ethic.  One who is transparent with inspiration and motivation.  Open to change and growth.

Professionalism- A highly trained, competent individual who is responsible and accountable for exceeding all requirements.  One who is continuously achieving knowledge, skills, and ability while displaying a positive attitude and representation of Decatur Fire Rescue.