File of Life

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What is the File of Life?

When a medical emergency occurs, they can often be stressful and confusing, and every second counts. it's crucial that the EMS crew arriving at the scene knows your medical history, allergies and the medications that you are currently taking.  If you are unable to speak and there is no one around who knows all of this information, the File of Life can literally be a lifesaver. 

The concept is simple.  The File of Life is a paper questionnaire that you fill out yourself to give responding emergency personnel all of the information they need at that moment to give you the emergency medical care that you need. Additionally, this document is brought to the hospital where they also use this information to give you the proper medical treatment and to know who to notify as your emergency contact. It's stored neatly in a small plastic pouch with a magnetic strip that conveniently attached to your refrigerator, clearly displaying to any responding EMS personnel that all the information they will need is located within that pouch.

For more information, visit the File of Life website at

To obtain a free File of Life form and pouch through the City of Decatur Fire and Rescue, follow this link:Application

For more information, contact Captain Ninetta Violante at


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