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S. Mcdonough Street structure Fire
Auto Accident Scene 2 Auto Accident Scene 3

A master stream from Quint

One's aerial ladder

Structure fires can require many sections of attack line The smoke turns white as the fire is extinguished
Auto Accident Scene 4 Auto Accident Scene 5
Firefighters recuperate and hydrate before returning to firefighting
The smoke clears and it's time to clean up

Clairemont Avenue
Vehicle Fire 
Clairemont Avenue Vehicle Fire 1  Clairemont Avenue Vehicle Fire 2  Clairemont Avenue Vehicle Fire 3
Firefighters waiting on the water from the Fire truck minutes after arriving on a well involved auto fire at the Baptist Church on Clairemont Av  Extinguishing the vehicle fire Cutting the hood with the K12 Saw

College Avenue Vehicle Fire     
College Avenue Vehicle Fire 1  College Avenue Vehicle Fire 2 College Avenue Vehicle Fire 3 
Firefighters inspect the vehicle Once the hood was opened, firefighters discovered an engine compartment fire Water was used to extinguish the fire
College Avenue Vehicle Fire 4 College Avenue Vehicle Fire 5
B Shift Quint One crew was dispatched Once the fire was extinguished, the area was safe, however the vehicle suffered major damage

Maintenance Duties on Ladder Truck   
Maintenance Duties on Ladder Truck 1   Maintenance Duties on Ladder Truck 2
Cleaning and lubricating the aerial ladder  This required maintenance assures the truck will operation properly when needed 

Howard Ave. Vehicle Fire   
Howard Ave. Vehicle Fire 1   Howard Ave. Vehicle Fire 2
The Engine compartment of a small truck had the most damage from the fire  Reloading the attack hose on the Ladder Truck 

VW Fire    
VW Fire 1  VW Fire 2  VW Fire 3
Standing by with the hose line during overhaul Engine Compartment received heavy damage from the fire Interior Compartment received heavy damage from the fire

Main Gas Line Leak  
Main Gas Line Leak 1  Main Gas Line Leak 2 
Observing the scene during the gas leak at 615 Clairemont Ave on 03-12-2008  Taking in the large gas leak created by the DOT cutting the main gas line located in front of 615 Clairemont Ave.
Main Gas Line Leak 3 Main Gas Line Leak 4
Looking down Clairemont Ave toward the gas leak Decatur's Ladder truck blocks Clairemont Ave from Downtown Decatur

Bell Repairs    
Bell Repairs 1 Bell Repairs 2 Bell Repairs 3 
The 800-pound historic fire bell was damaged February 2008 after someone attempted to rock it back and forth. Due to the bell's age and rusted bolt it broke and fell to the ground The backhoe places the bell back on the pedestal The public works backhoe operator, Supervisor, C-Shift fire crew lift the bell to the pedestal so repairs can be completed
Bell Repairs 4 Bell Repairs 5 Bell Repairs 6
The bell is safely lifted into place. The lifting of the 800 lb bell can be bolted back the frame. Firefighters go over the lift to keep the personnel safe due to the bells weight
Bell Repairs 7

The 1913 Historic Alarm bell is back on the pedestal and looking forward to the next 96 years before similar repairs will be required

Rail Crossing Accident     
Rail Crossing Accident 1  Rail Crossing Accident 2 Rail Crossing Accident 3 
Fire fighters at the scene. Firefighters spraying the train with foam The foam is used to remove the chances of a fire that might start during the separation of the truck and train
Rail Crossing Accident 4 Rail Crossing Accident 5
Trackside is used as the command post for the captain and chiefs Assessing the scene near the Air and Light Truck

Howard Avenue Fire    
Howard Avenue Fire 1 Howard Avenue Fire 2 Howard Avenue Fire 3
Howard Ave. building, formerly My Sister's Room Firefighters handling the master stream nozzles Firefighters in full protective gear during extinguishing operations
Howard Avenue Fire 4 Howard Avenue Fire 5
Sutphen Ladder Truck in operation on the fire flowing 1200 gallons per minute Ladder truck in firefighting operation

Melrose Ave. Residential Fire   
Melrose Ave. Residential Fire 1  Melrose Ave. Residential Fire 2 
Firefighters respond to Melrose Ave. house fire  The fire damaged the front porch and the front interior 

Evans Drive Residential Fire   
Evans Drive Residential Fire 1   Evans Drive Residential Fire 2
Firefighters check equipment and roll attack line hoses with Engine 2 in the background Firefighters roll their attack line hoses to place back on the truck

W. College Avenue Commercial Building Fire  
W. College Avenue Commercial Building Fire 1   W. College Avenue Commercial Building Fire 2
Aerial truck and engines after the fire was extinguished Engine 1 deluge gun pours water on the fire
W. College Avenue Commercial Building Fire 3 W. College Avenue Commercial Building Fire 4
Engine 1 pumps water on the intense flames during suppression operations Engine 1 applies water to the intense flames

Removing Event Banners  
Removing Event Banners 1  Removing Event Banners 2 
Aerial ladder positioned at Scott Boulevard and W. Ponce de Leon Avenue to remove event banner Retracting the aerial ladder while observers check for clearance
Removing Event Banners 3 Removing Event Banners 4
Retracting the aerial ladder while observers check for clearance Aerial ladder removing the banner at E. Ponce de Leon Avenue and Sams Crossing

Answering a Call  
Answering a Call 1  Answering a Call 2 
Air and Light truck standing by for an assignment at a Forkner Drive smoke odor call Replacing the breathing equipment on Engine 2
Answering a Call 3 Answering a Call 4
Replacing the folding attic ladder on the Quint aerial ladder truck Firefighters placing the positive pressure fan to clear the home of smoke and replace with fresh air

Track Hoe Rescue    
Track Hoe Rescue 1  Track Hoe Rescue 2  Track Hoe Rescue 3
City of Decatur and DeKalb County fire departments combined forces to respond to a call at a construction site at the corner of Forkner Drive and Church Street. The equipment operator was removed and transported to the hospital, treated and released

Auto Accident Scene    
Auto Accident Scene 1 Auto Accident Scene 2 Auto Accident Scene 3
Fire department performing vehicle extrication after auto accident Vehicle extrication Vehicle extrication
Auto Accident Scene 4 Auto Accident Scene 5
Extrication equipment being placed back on the air and light rescue vehicle Air and light rescue vehicle at accident site