How to Start a Business in Decatur

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Brickstore exterior1990sStarting a business in Decatur is a relatively simple process. For retail and restaurant businesses, the DDA works with a business prospect to determine if an idea will fit within the marketing strategy for the City of Decatur and provides basic demographic information needed to develop a business plan. If a business concept is in the initial stages of development, we recommend individuals contact the Small Business Resource Center that is operated out of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Building at 125 Clairemont Ave #235. Through a series of seminars and one-on-one counseling, this Center provides help in writing a business plan, business accounting, business start up requirements and business loans.

Once a business plan is complete and financing is in place, the Downtown Development Authority provides assistance in locating space and comparable rental rates. The DDA offers marketing and promotional assistance to all Decatur retail and restaurant businesses through its annual Retail and Restaurant Directory and a number of joint advertising opportunities. An active Retail and Restaurant Committee and a Promotions Committee work with DDA staff to develop and market a positive image of the Decatur business community. We publish the city's official newsletter, The Decatur Focus which provides an excellent vehicle for business owners to reach the Decatur residential and business communities.

The DDA also provides assistance to commercial tenants interested in a Decatur location. We maintain a listing of office leasing agents for major office buildings and can also assist in locating smaller office space located throughout the community.