Tree Canopy Conservation Ordinance

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Checking to see if you need to file a Tree Information Permit
This permit is required if:

  • Property owners in residential districts would like to remove dead, diseased, or hazardous trees (with moderate to high risk rating) and or
  • Property owners in residential districts would like to remove up to three healthy protected trees within an 18 month period.

According to the Tree Canopy Conservation Ordinance, property owners in residential zoning districts are allowed to remove up to 3 healthy, protected trees during an 18 month period. A tree information permit shall be filed with the City to track the reasons for the tree removal, the amount of tree canopy removed and a plan for replanting if applicable. No recompense or replanting is required if only 3 trees are removed within the 18 month period.

Note that residential zoned properties that are pending real estate sale or title transfer, have been sold or title transferred in the past 18 months, are pending demolition, or have had a dwelling on the site that has been demolished in the past 18 months, are subject to the tree removal permit requirements and must comply with the tree conservation plan required.

Simple tips to help you with the form
For guidance on measuring your tree canopy, see page 6 of the Administrative Standards document.

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