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Capital Improvements Program
Progress Report, May 2010

 Funding Summary - 1

Local Bonds
Transportation $4,902,000
Parks & Recreation $5,803,000
Public Safety $1,420,000
Public Works $4,275,000
Total $16,400,000

Funding Summary - 2

Other Funding-Committed
TE/LCI Program $4,373,520
FEMA $1,301,480
CDBG $250,000
Cemetery Lots Sales $600,000
Storm Water Utility $900,000
MARTA $750,000
Total $8,175,000

Projects Completed
Wayfinding System
Sidewalk Improvements – Phase I
Sidewalk Improvements - Phase 2 Part I
Fire Station 2
Glenlake Park
Westchester Flood Plain Acquisition
Weather Warning Siren System
McKoy Pool

Projects Underway
Sidewalk Improvements - Phase 2 Part 2
West PDL – West Trinity Bike Lanes
Oakhurst Streetscapes
Phase V Downtown Streetscapes
Greenspace Acquisition
Decatur Cemetery Improvements
Railroad Crossing Improvements at Candler and McDonough Streets
North McDonough Streetscapes 
Beacon School Complex

Projects - Preliminary Status
Public Works Building
Pedestrian Safety