School Holiday Programs

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All Day Camps

School Holiday Programsgirls red paint hands at Ebster
Grades K-5
Teacher work days/some holidays
Resident: $40/day 
Nonresident: $50/day
Snack provided. Bring a lunch.
Children and Youth Services provides care for school age children on Teacher Work Days and other holidays. Elementary level (K-5th) children meet and play at the Cochran Building of the former Children's Home at 500 S. Columbia Drive, 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Each day has a special theme and involves a variety of different activities including arts and crafts, group games, an optional movie, and plenty of movement. Children bring a lunch from home. Drinks and snacks are provided. See chart for theme schedule. City of Decatur after school enrollment is not a prerequisite to attend All Day Camps. Registration is limited.

How to Register
If your household has registered for past City of Decatur events and activities you can use WebTrac to register. Select School Holiday Programs.  K-5 camps can be found under Children's Services (582***). All Day Camps are listed in the order in which they occur.  Registration can also be taken by phone at Active Living (404) 377-0494 or CYS (404) 378-1082.

If you are new to City of Decatur Active Living and Children and Youth Services activities you will need to complete forms for the current school year found on the Forms & Documents page for a New Household and submit them online in order to generate a household profile. Contact us after submitting forms at to inquire about enrollment.

* Limited financial assistance is available for Decatur residents who demonstrate a need. 

2018-19 All Day Camp Schedule for K-5th Graders @ Cochran Building, 500 S Columbia Drive
Date Day Theme   Week Theme Make or Break Deadline
September 17 Pride Rock  Wonderful World of Disney August 31
September 18 Circle of Life  Wonderful World of Disney August 31
September 19 It's Great to Be King  Wonderful World of Disney August 31
September 20
Find Your Inner Warrior (Mulan)  Wonderful World of Disney August 31
September 21 To Infinity and Beyond (Toy Story)  Wonderful World of Disney August 31
October 8 Let's Go Camping   September 24
November 6 Stars and Stripes Sports   October 22
November 19 Going to the Moon Space Station Blast Off November 5
November 20 The Stars Shine Space Station Blast Off November 5
January 2 Tinkerbell and Her Pixie Friends Treasure Hunters December 15
January 3 Escape to Neverland Treasure Hunters December 15
January 4 Return to Neverland Treasure Hunters December 15