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Decatur Tax Search Online
You may access tax information online at from the current year going back seven years. At this site, you can view tax information for all City of Decatur properties, make an online credit card payment with a convenience charge or an e-check with no convenience charge, print bills and receipts and request mailing address changes:

Decatur Tax Search

Homestead Exemption Information

In addition to the basic homestead exemption for which resident homeowners may qualify, the City of Decatur offers several additional exemptions to help local seniors live more affordably in their homes.  Please click here for general homestead exemption information and details about year's support and tax deferral programs.

Please click here to access our basic homestead exemption application online.

Billing Information

The City of Decatur sends bills for real estate property taxes and fees in two installments

  Mailed Due
First installment: April 1 June 1
Second installment: October 20 December 20

Please note that the City does not send tax bills to mortgage companies. If your property taxes are in an escrow account, your property tax information may be made available to your mortgage company or to a third party tax service if they request it from the City; however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner to ensure taxes are paid. If you have questions about whether your lender will be paying your taxes, contact the company directly, especially if you have refinanced or your mortgage company has recently changed.

Calculation of Your Bill
The first installment tax bill is calculated by multiplying the assessed property value by the combined city and school millage rate and dividing the total in half. The second installment is calculated by multiplying the assessed property value by the combined millage rate, minus payment made from the first installment billing due June 1. Sanitation and stormwater fee payments are reflected in the total amount paid.

The final property tax bill uses the current year's tax digest from DeKalb County made available after the first billing as approved by the State of Georgia. The final bill credits payments made with the first installment billing. Because the assessed property value, millage rate and homestead exemptions may change with the final billing, your final bill may not necessarily be twice the amount of the first installment. Please be aware that the second installment may vary considerably from the first installment.

Here is an example of a final 2018 real estate property tax bill for property valued at $400,000 receiving the general homestead exemption.

Fund Assessed Value Exemption Taxable Value Tax Rate Taxes Due
General Fund $200,000 $25,000 $175,000 0.009   $1,575.00
Capital Fund $200,000 $25,000 $175,000 0.00152     $266.00
DDA Fund $200,000 $25,000 $175,000 0.00038     $66.50
Bond Fund $200,000 n/a $200,000 0.00087     $174.00
School Bond $200,000  n/a  $200,000  0.00185    $370.00
School Fund $200,000 n/a $200,000 0.01866 $3,732.00
Total Taxes         $2,948.00
Sanitation Fee            $290.00
Stormwater Fee            $100.00
Total Bill         $6,573.50

The City of Decatur receives all property assessments from the DeKalb County Board of Tax Assessors. If you feel your appraised value is incorrect, you may contact the DeKalb County Tax Assessor's Office at 404-371-0841 or visit the website at

If the assessed value of your property has been appealed to the DeKalb County Board of Tax Assessors, it will be noted on the face of the tax bill. Properties currently under appeal are billed at a temporary value, which is often eighty-five percent of the proposed assessed value but can vary according to state law. Depending on the final determination of the assessed value of the property, you will receive either a bill for additional taxes due or a refund for overpayment. You are still responsible for paying the full amount shown on your bill by the payment deadline.

Checks should be made payable to the City Of Decatur and mailed to the following address postmarked no later than the payment deadline. Please include your property ID, tax year, and phone number on the check.

     City of Decatur Lockbox
     P.O. Box 945650
     Atlanta, GA 30394-5650

If your taxes are paid by a mortgage company, please forward a copy of your bill to the mortgage company for payment. Please retain a copy for your records.  If you receive a statement and you are not the current property owner, please forward the bill to the new property owner.

The fee for a returned check is $50.

Penalty and Interest on Late Payments
For taxes owed prior to July 1, 2016, a 10 percent penalty applied to late payments.  As of July 1, 2016, payments made after the payment deadline are assessed a 5 percent penalty.  For tax year 2016 and prior years, the monthly interest rate was one percent. As of 2017, the monthly rate, which is about one-half of one percent, fluctuates in accordance with a state-mandated formula.

Address Changes
Please send written requests for mailing address changes to: City of Decatur Revenue Division, PO Box 220, Decatur, GA 30031. Mailing address changes may also be made at  Mailing address changes must also be submitted in writing to the DeKalb County Board of Tax Assessors, 120 West Trinity Pl., Decatur, GA 30030.

Additional Information
Additional information about your City of Decatur tax account, exemptions, tax deferred application forms, payment deadlines and other City of Decatur tax collection policies is available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., from the Revenue Division, City Hall, 509 N. McDonough Street, 678-553-6743, or by emailing us at

Specific information about the various tax funds is available as follows:

Fund Location Phone Number Contact
Gen/Cap/Bond City Manager's Office 404-370-4102 Peggy Merriss
DDA Downtown Development Authority 404-371-8386 Lyn Menne
Sanitation Public Works Department 404-377-5571 David Junger
School City Schools of Decatur 404-370-4400 Susan Hurst
Stormwater Design, Environment & Construction 404-370-4104 Jennings Bell

Personal Property Tax
Personal property taxes are billed annually in October and due December 20. Personal property may include business inventory, office or work equipment, furniture, fixtures, boats and aircraft. Your bill is calculated by multiplying the assessed property value by the combined millage rate. The value is determined from a Taxpayer's Report of Personal Property filed with the DeKalb County Board of Tax Assessors by you, your accountant or agent. If no report was filed, the value is based on an on-site audit or review of the previous year's report or other related information.

State law requires personal property taxes to be based on the residency of the taxpayer and location of the personal property as of January 1 of each year. Personal property owned on that date is required to be reported and listed for assessment by April 1. Taxes must be paid regardless of any change in the residency of the taxpayer or disposition of the property later in the year. If you were a resident of the City of Decatur on January 1, or maintained a business located in the City of Decatur on that day, and you are liable to pay the full amount of personal property taxes as billed for the complete year.

Personal property appeals, payments, changes of address, and penalties and interest are handled in the same manner as real property taxes.

Sanitation Fees
Sanitation service fees are billed annually and normally payable in full in the first installment billing. For the 2018 first installment, the residential sanitation was $290 per year which includes the collection of garbage and trash; collection and disposal of recyclables, yard trimmings, furniture and appliances that do not contain Freon; and street cleaning. For commercial service, the sanitation fees depend on the type of service received.

All garbage (i.e. food waste) and loose trash must be placed in approved, plastic 'Pay As You Throw' bags. These heavy-duty, drawstring bags are available for purchase from local merchants including grocery and hardware stores, City Hall and the Public Works Building. Three sizes are available, 8, 15, or 33-gallon capacities. The costs per bags are $0.35 for 8-gallon bags, $0.60 for 15-gallon bags and $1.25 for 33-gallon bags. This cost covers the disposal of your garbage and trash in a sanitary landfill. Click on the link for a list of merchants who sell the bags.

Stormwater Utility Fees
Stormwater utility fees are billed annually and are payable for the full year in the first installment billing. The stormwater utility fee was $100 annually for each single-family residence as of the 2018 first installment. Commercial, institutional and multiple-family properties with larger paved areas will pay proportionately more in fees. Properties are assessed a storm water utility fee based on the amount of paved and covered areas on the property. Income from the fees is used to make storm drainage improvements. Utility fees are charged to all property owners, including tax-exempt properties. Click here for more information about the stormwater utility.

 Budget DollarWhat do you get for your tax dollar?
> Click for printable sheet [PDF]

  • School: 61 cents
  • Solid Waste Fund: 3 cents
  • Capital Improvements: 3 cents
  • Stormwater Fund: 1 cents
  • Bond Fund: 4 cents
  • DDA: 1 cent
  • General Fund: 27 cents

 General Fund's 27 cents includes:

  • Police Department:  6 cents
  • Fire Department:  4 cents
  • General Government: 6 cents
  • Public Works:  4 cents
  • Recreation:  2 cents
  • Children & Youth Services:  2 cents
  • Community/Economic Development:  3 cents
2018 Millage Rates
  • General Fund:  9.00
  • Capital Fund:  1.52
  • Bond Fund:  0.87   
  • School Bond:  1.85 
  • DDA Fund:  0.38
  • School Fund:  18.66

Total:  32.28

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