Public Records

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From the earliest days of Georgia's colonial period, the development and maintenance of accurate public records has been one of the primary concerns of government. The hand-copied, bound books of the past bring to us heritage, history, and our traditions. Georgia has long recognized the importance of local records for the adequate performance of government services and responsibilities. In the early 1950s, Georgia was one of the first states in the nation to provide record services to county governments. More recently, the 1981 amendment to the Georgia Records Act brings a new level of assistance for local government records management in Georgia.

The records of local government are one of its most valuable properties. They are essential for the daily operation of all services and programs. The records provide the necessary information and the primary evidence of the government's and the citizen's legal and property rights and responsibilities. The information they contain is proof that government and citizens have carried out their mandated duties and responsibilities. Tradition and Georgia law recognize their value, and therefore, records at all levels of government are regarded as public property.

The City of Decatur records program is based on the retention schedules provided by the Georgia Department of Archives and History.

City of Decatur minutes from 1823 to current will be indexed and available on the website through a link to Municipal Code Corp. by late 2003.

Hardbound copies of the minutes, financial audits and Code of Ordinances are located in the vault at City Hall, 509 North McDonough Street and are available for review from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Additional information can be obtained by calling the City Clerk at 404-370-4102 during business hours.

The Code of Ordinances can be accessed through our website link to Municipal Code Corporation.