Running in Decatur

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Why Run?

The medical community , the psychological health community, and the Decatur community knows that running in Decatur is a positive experience on many levels. Improving health, brightening one’s mood, and relieving the stress of the day are all benefits the runners of Decatur have come to appreciate about the sport. We have the added perk of having some of the prettiest neighborhoods in the southeast through which to traverse.
Research shows the benefits of running, and locals offer a vibrant and active running community. The City provides many routes to those who are inclined. The City of Decatur’s Active Living Department would like to invite everyone who enjoys running (or walking) to enjoy the Decatur Running Maps which all begin at the Old Courthouse on the Square. So strap on your shoes, get out into our friendly neighborhoods and enjoy your run in Decatur!

 Team Decatur at Run for Justice 2015a


When you run, be sure to....

...Carry Identification. Write your name, phone number, and blood type on the inside sole of your running shoe. Include any medical information. Or wear a Road ID bracelet or necklace.

...Run against traffic. This helps with observing approaching automobiles. Watch and stay away from cars! By facing on-coming traffic, you may be able to react quicker than if it is behind you. When cars are exiting parking lots, run behind the car, not in front.

...Help drivers see you! Wear reflective light colored clothing or lights, especially before dawn or after dark.

...Stay alert and aware! Be mindful of what's going on around you. Do not run with headphones turned up loudly. It is suggested to listen with just one ear-bud. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are.  

Decatur Running Maps

The City of Decatur offers a number of running  routes, all beginning at the Old Courthouse Square in downtown Decatur. The routes include maps, turn by turn directions, and elevations. Enjoy your run (or walk) in Decatur!

Clairemont Heights 1 Mile Run
Clairemont Heights 2 Mile Run
Clairemont Heights 3 Mile Run
Clairemont Heights 4 Mile Run
Glenlake 2 Mile Run
Glenlake 3 Mile Run
Glenlake 5 Mile Run
Parkwood 3 Mile Run
PATH/Rocky Ford 4 Mile Run
Adair 2 Mile Run




Team Decatur
Click here to read about Team Decatur and the Grand Prix Challenge.

2017 Annual Races in Decatur

Decatur Booster Club Run With the Dogs - January 21
Decatur Education Foundation Tour deCatur - March 11
Publix Marathon - March 19
Beat the Street for LIttle Feet- April 29
Dancer's Heart - June 10
Oakhurst Run - October 7
Run for Justice - November 11
Twilight Run - December 2