Dog Parks

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 City of Decatur Dog Parks

Decatur, Georgia Dog Park 

Decatur Dog Parks have been busy with families, neighbors and four-legged friends visiting and playing together. Dog parks give citizens and their dogs an opportunity to exercise and socialize. Kids can discover that most dogs are friendly and fun. Visit a dog park soon. Remember that dogs must be under the control of a responsible person and obedient to commands. Watch out for slobbery tennis balls and flying Frisbees! 

Dog Park Locations

ADAIR DOG PARK, in Adair Park. Easy access from Trinity Avenue near the DeKalb History Center's historic complex. Limited street parking only. Please respect the property of homeowners. Totally enclosed with fencing.

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GLENLAKE DOG PARK, in Glenlake Park, 1121 Church St., behind the lower ball field. Limited parking near the tennis center and at the Norris Street lot. Totally enclosed with fencing.

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OAKHURST DOG PARK, next to the Boys & Girls Club, 450 East Lake Dr. Parking at Oakhurst Park in Third Avenue lot. No parking in Boys & Girls Club or Oakhurst Presbyterian Church lots. No dogs allowed on Boys & Girls Club property. Totally enclosed with fencing.

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 Dog Dog 

Decatur Dog Park Rules (Decatur Residents Only)

• Dogs must be licensed with a current tag.
• Dogs must be under the control of a responsible adult and obedient to that person's commands.
• Children must be closely supervised.
• Animal waste must be removed immediately and deposited in suitable containers.
• No aggressive dogs allowed. "Aggressive dog" means any animal that constitutes a physicaDogl threat to persons or other animals of such severity as to cause physical injury.
• Dogs that become aggressive must be leashed and removed from the Dog Park immediately.
• Dog Park users must carry a leash/lead at all times.
• Dogs must never be left unattended.
• Spayed/neutered animals recommended.
• No female dogs "in season" allowed.
• Limit three dogs per visit per Dog Park user.
• Dog Park users are responsible and liable for any damage or injuries caused by dogs under their supervision.
• Persons using the Dog Park do so at their own risk.

Have a comment? Call the Decatur Active Living Department, 404-377-0494.