Sustainability Reports

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2018 Sustainability Report

The 2018 Sustainability Report focuses on energy efficiency and offers practical energy-saving tips for homeowners, explores the energy savings built into the city's high performance building standards, examines solar and geothermal installations around the city, and makes the case for recycling.

>2018 Sustainability Report [PDF]


2016 Sustainability Report

The 2016 Sustainability Report highlights greenspace around the city.  It also features a map pinpointing where the various greenspaces can be found. Download the map listing here.

>2016 Sustainability Report [PDF]




 2014 Sustainability Report

This green insert takes a close look attwo valuable resources – water and trees – as well as the value and impact they have on our community and actions you can take to help protect and enhance them.

>2014 Sustainability Report [PDF]