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Green in Decatur

Being "green" is an important component of Decatur's approach to sustainability. Environmental sustainability is defined as a wise and well informed way of living and conducting business that ensures a communities quality of life for the future. It requires a strong commitment from the city government, residents, and businesses to reduce waste, conserve and improve natural resources, and participate in measures that help keep our environment healthy for future generations. Decatur is a Gold level certified community under the Atlanta Regional Commission's Green Communities program. To achieve this award, we have worked hard to develop programs and initiatives that support the conservation of natural resources.


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Community Garden Guidelines Approved
Promoting community gardening is a priority for the City of Decatur and the Environmental Sustainability Board. Gardens can be a stimulus for recreation, community building, and environmental improvement in our City, but attaining these ends requires careful planning and implementation.

Recently, guidelines were approved by the Decatur City Commission which outline the application process for new gardens proposed on city owned and maintained property. These guidelines are the result of significant collaboration among board members, City staff, and members of the public. 

View the new Community Garden Guidelines 

For more information contact the Public Works Department at 404-370-4102.


Water Restrictions
As we look ahead to another possible drought in the area, it is important to think about water use. The State recently changed outdoor watering restrictions. You can learn about the restrictions in more detail at the DeKalb Watershed Management Department website.

Here are the basics:

  • Landscape water is permitted each day, but prohibited between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.
  • A number of exemptions apply, including personal food gardens (see the website for a list of exemptions).
  • The even/odd watering restrictions no longer apply to landscape watering, but they still do apply to other outdoor water users, such as car washing and power washing.


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