Livable Centers Initiative Study

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City of Decatur LCI Plan

Livable Centers Initiative Study [PDF]

The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) has been nationally recognized for its success in leveraging public investment to promote quality growth and private development in the towns and population or employment centers of the Atlanta region. Decatur’s citywide 2000 Strategic Plan was grandfathered as a Livable Centers Initiative study. Two years later, an LCI study was conducted for the area near the Avondale MARTA Station. (About half of the study area was in the Decatur city limits.) This current study serves as the ten-year update for the Downtown Decatur LCI study and the five-year update for the Avondale LCI study, but also for the first time incorporates the entire city limits of Decatur as a new LCI study area. This study builds on the relevant portions of previous LCI and other planning studies, as well as the significant public involvement process carried out for the 2010 Strategic Plan update.