Better Together Community Action Plan

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Better-Together-Community-Action-PlanBetter Together is a citizen-led, government supported effort to build deeper connection, understanding, and mutual respect among the Decatur community.

The process facilitated a substantive community conversation around the myriad differences — in culture, race, age, abilities, politics, economic resources, and more — that make us who we are. That took shape as a variety of citizen-participation opportunities in the Fall of 2015, It culminated in the creation of a tangible Community Action Plan focused on cultivating a more just, welcoming, inclusive, equitable and compassionate experience for all who visit, live or work in the City of Decatur.

What is a Community Action Plan?

Better Together’s deliverable, the Community Action Plan, will ultimately become a policy and implementation guide for the city commission, consisting of facts about Decatur’s populations, background on the Better Together process and the people behind it, key findings and recommendations that emerge from the process, the community’s suggested actions moving forward, and the individuals or organizations responsible for implementation.

Such actions will likely address multiple aspects of diversity in Decatur, from the affordability of our housing to rising taxes to community/police relations to communications and outreach.


Download the Plan:

Better Together Community Action Plan

Appendix A: Implementation Plan

Appendices B-H

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