2013 Thomas O. Davis Award

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Decatur Salutes Glenda Lee
2013 Thomas O. Davis Public Servant Award Recipient

Glenda Lee

Claire Miller, the director of Children and Youth Services, nominated Glenda Lee for the 2013 Thomas O. Davis Public Servant Award. An excerpt from the nomination:

". . . Glenda has worked for the City of Decatur since June 4, 1982. In her almost 31 years with the city, Glenda has mentored hundreds of young staff members and has touched the lives of thousands of Decatur’s children. She sets a very high bar for quality performance and the ongoing excellence of Decatur’s after school programs is a testament to that commitment.

"Glenda grew up in the Beacon Hill community and still has close relationships deeply rooted in Decatur. In recent years she worked with Active Living and Children and Youth Services (CYS) staff to develop the first ever Haunted House at Ebster that has grown by leaps and bounds each year since. Glenda not only contributes countless weekend and evening hours outside of her regular 40 hours, but also can be found at athletic and community events all over Decatur every weekend. One of her favorite things to do is plan and facilitate children’s activities at city festivals – which she does as a volunteer. She often jokes that after she retires she plans to come back and run special events as a volunteer. She spends time at the recreation center even when she’s not working. Even after a long week of program supervision at seven sites across Decatur followed by staff development on a Saturday, she volunteers to cook hotdogs at baseball opening day and the community softball tournament. One would be hard-pressed to find any employee who has put more of her time, energy and spirit into the Decatur community. Her heart unquestionably lives in Decatur. Glenda is one of Decatur’s unsung heroes.” 

The DBA established the Thomas O. Davis Award in memory of Thomas O. Davis, Decatur's city attorney from 1968 until his death in 2000. The first award was presented to the family of Thomas O. Davis in January 2001.