2002 Hometown Heroes

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 Decatur Salutes 2002 Hometown Heroes
 2002 Hometown Heroes
 Pictured are the 2002 Hometown Heroes with City Commissioners at the celebration. Front row (L-R): Commissioner Kecia Cunningham, Cathy Vogel, John Hashimoto, Beth Mahaffey, Valeria Maier, Katherine Strong, Susan Ellis Purdom, Commissioner Fred Boykin. Back row (L-R): Tony Powers, Don Rigger, Greg Farley, Jill Lampe, Marcia Lampe, Marceil Joyner, Lee Brown, Paul Cushing, Shirley Kendrick, Brian McGonegal, Commissioner Mary Alice Kemp
 Hometown Heroes Morse Family

Special award to the Morse Family 
Front row: Commissioner Mary Alice Kemp, Chet Morse, Gene Morse, Genia Duchon (daughter), Anne Topple (daughter), Commissioner Kecia Cunningham, Julia Levy (chair of the Decatur Preservation Alliance). Back row: Commissioner Fred Boykin, Jeff and Mary Ellen Pendergrast (daughter); Mayor Bill Floyd, Kip Duchon, Mayor Pro Tem Jim Baskett, Jim Topple, Paul Cushing (Decatur Preservation Alliance board member).

Lee Brown
Nominated by Lee Ann Harvey
Lee strives to make a positive impact in Decatur through her work with less fortunate neighbors, including Decatur First United Methodist Church's Toy Team, Christmas Decatur, and Decatur Emergency Assistance Ministry (DEAM). Lee lets people know that someone cares about them and that she is always eager to help them.

Paul Cushing
Nominated by Bryan Downs and Julia Levy
Paul is a founding member and serves as the legal counsel of the Decatur Preservation Alliance (DPA), but most importantly he is the true architect of the organization and by far the largest contributor of time and talent to DPA projects.

John Hashimoto
Nominated by Sarah Satola, Chris Zurawski, and James Brewer-Calvert
John was instrumental in helping fix up the park at the end of Nelson Ferry Road. John took the initiative to encourage neighborhood participation, created the Neighborhood Park Advisory Committee, a website and a monthly newsletter to keep people informed of the progress. He helped organize fundraisers and gave up his weekends to physically clean up and maintain the park.

Marceil Joyner
Nominated by Jill Joyner Bush
She quietly works in the background supporting others, making life easier when it gets a little too rough. Although the things she does would never make a resume, they make her my personal hero. She volunteers in the community, works in the Decatur Presbyterian Church office and at the DeKalb Historical Society. She prepares food for Hagar House. She has a great commitment to Decatur and has lived within the city limits for 37 years. She has always been a community volunteer in churches, neighborhood associations, PTAs, and more.

Shirley Kendrick
Nominated by Greg White
Shirley is the president of the Cambridge Neighborhood Association and has served in this position for five years. The association volunteers to operate concession stands at Decatur Recreation Center, and Oakhurst and McKoy Parks during youth and adult athletic events. They also organize the annual Back to School Picnic at Oakhurst Park. In addition to fun and food, children are given school supplies. Each year for Mother's Day and Father's Day, Shirley organizes the community to take individuals with absentee sons and/or daughters out to dinner. People of all walks of life respect her ability to organize, problem solve and inspire others in the Decatur community.

Lampe-Farley Communications – Amy Lampe, Jill Lampe, Marcia Lampe and Greg Farley
Nominated by Lyn Menne
This team of talented graphic artists has provided countless hours of volunteer time to the Decatur Arts Festival, Tour of Homes, Winnona Park School, and the Decatur High School Athletic Booster Club by designing and producing print materials, designing and maintaining websites, designing and producing newsletters and team mascot designs. They exemplify the concept of good corporate citizens because they generously give back to the community in which their business is located.

Beth Mahaffey
Nominated by Valeria Maier
Beth is one of those truly creative people who are always thinking outside the box on ways to improve the community. She co-founded the Tour of Trees to raise greenspace awareness and to raise seed money for greenspace acquisition as well as to promote the work of local artists who volunteer to create the trees. She also serves on the Planning Commission.

Valeria Maier
Nominated by Barbara and Brian Sherman
She truly loves her neighbors, her neighborhood, and our city. It seems she is always involved in planning and organizing neighborhood activities to help foster good neighborhood relationships. She has worked tirelessly on issues of land use and was instrumental in the park on Sycamore Street next to MARTA. She has served on the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Brian McGonegal and Katherine Strong
Nominated by Kecia Cunningham
Brian and Katherine served as co-presidents of the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association (ONA) and in that position have played a pivotal role in working with the community and serving the community. Under their leadership, ONA has grown and become a strong advocate for the community. They helped organize a 5K Oakhurst Fun Run as part of the Oakhurst Arts & Music Festival. They have gone the extra mile to make all feel welcome in the ONA and to bridge the different constituencies within the community.

Tony Powers
Nominated by Sherri Brown Breunig
Tony's support of the schools in Decatur is extraordinary. What he does for all of the schools goes above and beyond the call of parental duty. He is the 2002-2003 co-president of Oakhurst Elementary PTA and serves on the Westchester School Council. Intown Ace Hardware, under Tony's leadership, has formal partnerships with Westchester, Clairemont, and Oakhurst and has informal partnerships with all of our schools. Tony is a member of the Decatur Education Foundation Board of Directors and he spent many hours helping organize the Study Circles conducted in the schools last year.

Susan Ellis Purdom
Nominated by Julie Freeman, Jan Goodloe, and Pat McElroy
Susan's influence and work are evident in many areas in Decatur. Our nomination is tied to the work she has done to make the Decatur school system a better place for children. She started a homework help program at Winnona Park and a math tutoring program at the high school. She established the Parent Support Group 17 years ago that became the vehicle for starting the Academic Award's Banquet. She has acted as the hearing officer for the school district, pro bono, and has been active in helping with school board campaigns and in organizing community support for school budgets in times of crisis.

Don Rigger
Nominated by Vickie Ainslie, Angie Macon, and Greg White
Don introduced the sport of lacrosse to Decatur Recreation and collaborated with them to write a grant that produced $5,000 for the program. He organized a lacrosse clinic and formed two teams from Decatur to participate. He is a positive role model to youth, an inspiration to other caring adults and a supporter of sports and recreation activities in Decatur.

Cathy Vogel
Nominated by Carol Reap
I don't know anyone who is a better booster or stronger ambassador for Decatur. Cathy is the sort of person a community organization hopes to find to work on their board or committee. She is that perfect "behind-the-scenes" support that gets to the heart of the matter and gets the job done. Her volunteer work most often benefits children. She has developed materials and given educational tours and activity sessions for children for the Friends of Decatur Cemetery.